Workshops and Training

We pride ourselves on being able to bring our ‘Litterology’ concepts to life in practical and interactive workshops and training. We are ready and willing to tailor our training to your specific needs. However if you would like some options, here are our recommendations.

Mentoring and Project Support

We mentor individuals and small groups working on litter prevention projects, in person or remotely via Skype or phone. More Information

Litterology Workshop

Suitable for litter prevention practitioners at all levels from entry to experienced. The workshop covers who litters, how and why they litter (and put stuff in the bin) and most importantly, what you need to do to improve their behaviour. More Information

Litterology Two-Day Intensive (with real-life field experience)

Suitable for litter prevention practitioners at all levels who want to both understand littering behaviour and how to go about doing a basic assessment of their own public places in a systematic, evidence-based way. Doing a basic assessment in the field of those features that influence littering behaviour provides insight into what needs to be done to improve behaviour. More Information

Behavioural Measurement Master Class

Suitable for people who have attended a Litterology Workshop or a Litterology Two-Day Intensive or who are already experienced practitioners. More Information

Clean Communities Assessment Tool Training (CCAT)

Suitable for small and large organisations who want to do comprehensive assessment of the litter prevention performance of their public places using our Clean Communities Assessment Tool (CCAT). More Information

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Speaking Engagements

We give presentations frequently to local government, associations, businesses, conferences and non-profits and have presented in Australia, the United States, New Zealand and Canada. We have spoken to cleaners, political staff, recyclers, litter prevention officers, event organisers (including Olympic and Commonwealth Games), engineers, project workers, schools, councils, manufacturers and industry groups. We are still waiting on an invitation from Norway so we can go and see the Northern Lights (again).

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